Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Services 

based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

About CTS: Columbus Testing Services is run as a "sole trader" business by Jon Woollons. It offers a full inspection and Appliance Testing (PAT) service for 110 volt site and 230 volt mains powered equipment. CTS has a broad client base both in Scarborough and the surrounding area.  Started in February 2005 CTS has now been providing a bespoke inspection and testing service in the Scarborough area for a while...

CTS usually works in Scarborough and the surrounding area, however locations that lie outside of this region can possibly be catered for so do call us to discuss your requirements on: 01723 362746.

Business Customers: CTS can deliver a fully comprehensive Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) package for both 110 volt & 250 volt equipment to business customers in a manner that is designed to cause the minimum level of disruption while at the same time ensuring that best working practice is always implemented. Shops, factories, hotels, guest houses, B&B's, offices, cafes, etc can all be catered for by the CTS engineer. If it runs from either a 110v or 240v 50Hz supply then CSS can most likely test it...

Private Customers: CTS offers exactly the same standard of service to private individuals that we offer to our business customers! If you have electrical items that require testing then we can help! We often get tradesmen come to us with 230v and 110 volt power tools and extension cables that all require PAT before starting work on a new construction site in order to comply with the health & safety requirements.

Musicians: We are quite often asked to provide a PAT service for musicians who use 240v mains powered equipment during the course of their performance! These items can include keyboards, instrument amps, mixers, effects racks as well as power amplifiers etc. An important point to remember is that all of the removable power leads as well as any extension leads and power distros that are used need testing, as they are classed as individual items in their own right! Something worth remembering these days is that a lot of venues may well ask to see proof that appliance testing has been carried out on your equipment, it may be a condition stated on the premises insurance policy. If you cannot prove that PAT has been done then you may be prevented from setting up your gear and playing! 

Play safe - Get your musical equipment and mains power leads inspected and tested by CTS.

Working Practice: The CTS engineer has a lot of experience gained from time spent working with electrical and electronic equipment in a professional capacity and because they have had a keen interest in radio and electronics as a hobby since their early school days. 

This hobby helped them pass the City & Guilds radio amateurs examination back in 1985 to get an amateur radio license and the call sign of G1OSP which they still use to this day! 

In April 2001 they took the City and Guilds 237702 examination for the "In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment"  based on the IEE code of practice April 2001. All the work done by CTS follows the 4th IET code of practice for "in service inspection & testing" published in November 2012. All the equipment used by CTS is calibrated and certified every 12 calendar months by an external calibration company to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Field checks are also regularly made by the CSS engineer using a calibrated Seaward "Pat Check" device to make sure that the CTS testers are always reading to a known tolerance.

Documentation: All the documentation produced including the invoice for the inspection & testing is now usually supplied to the customer in an electronic format as Pdf files. These files are sent to an email address specified by the customer but paper copies of the documents can be very easily produced for customers if required, so please just ask if you want hard copies!

Payment Methods: The following methods of payment are accepted by CTSBank transfer is the preferred method, cash or cheque. Please note that where an invoice has been produced payment is due from the date of issue shown on the invoice. If cash is the chosen method of payment then the full amount will be required to be paid to the engineer on the completion of the agreed work. 

Please note that there will be no VAT or any other "hidden" charges added to your final bill. The original price per test that you are quoted is the price that you will pay on completion of the job...

If you have any questions please ask them! 

Call Jon on: 01723 362746 or use the "Contact CTS" email link at the top of this page.

REMEMBER: All 230v mains equipment as well as 110v "site" equipment can be tested & full public liability insurance to the value of £5 million is held.

Call Jon today for a estimate of the cost for your premises appliance testing...

How much does it cost: The button below will take you to a training site that has some good points to make concerning the cost of your testing measured against the standard of service that you receive. If you are going to do something then you may as well do it right and possibly the cheapest price you are quoted may not be the best option to take when it comes to your electrical testing! 

 PAT Reference Site: The website that the following link takes you to is not connected with CTS in any way, however it is packed full of useful information about the In-Service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment. It also lists details of any items of electrical equipment that have had recent product recall notices issued on them by the manufacturer:  

Both excellent sites and well worth a look! 

The Electrical Safety Councilrun an interesting and useful website that contains a vast amount of information on a wide range of electrical topics. The following link will take you to it:


This site is just full of really useful information! 

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