• CTS specialises in providing a high quality inspection & appliance testing service using an experienced engineer. It is a "sole trader" business so it is the owner / engineers name on the test documentation.
  • Columbus Testing Services is based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and owned & run by JC Woollons.
  • Contact CTS on: 01723 362746 or by email using the contact page on the CTS website menu bar above.
  • Payment is required in full on completion of any testing work where small quantities are involved. Where an invoice is issued to a customer payment is due from the date that is shown on that invoice.
  • The following payment methods are accepted by CTS: Bank transfer (preferred method), cash or cheque.
  • When CTS has to travel to reach the inspection and testing site then the minimum charge or invoice level made to customers is usually set at £40.00 during this financial period.
  • A surcharge for extra time spent may have to be be made following discussion with the customer if at any time it proves to be difficult for the engineer to access the equipment that requires inspection and testing. It may prove to be impossible in some cases for CTS to test certain items if relatively easy access is not available. Please note that the CTS pricing structure is based on the number of inspection and test procedures performed & not on the overall time taken to complete the scheduled work at a premises.
  • CTS is not responsible and cannot be held liable in any way for items of equipment that fail the inspection and test procedure. The responsibility for the repair and / or replacement of equipment lies totally with the owner of that equipment. CTS only uses approved test procedures as outlined in the IEE code of practice.
  • Apart from refitting & replacing plug tops, fuses, lamp holders and flex CTS does not undertake any other repair work. This is due to the type of insurance cover that is held, CTS is fully insured for inspection and testing but they are not covered by insurance for general repair work other than what is outlined.
  • Columbus Testing Services holds current public liability insurance (PLI) to the value of £5 million with a reputable company. All our insurance documentation is available for inspection at any time, so just ask!
  • We will always try to accommodate a customers requirements during the course of inspection & testing. If necessary we can fit the inspection and testing into any 24/7 time frame following discussion.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact CTS by phone on: 01723 362746 or by email using the contact CTS tab on the menu bar at the top of this page on the right hand side you have any questions whatsoever.
These terms & conditions were last amended on: 19/01/2016.


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